Friday, March 8, 2013


Nowadays a new computer can cost up to $1500 and for some can be a huge investment. As time goes on programs can fragment your hard drive and cause your computer to move slower. Taking your computer to places such as Best Buy can be expensive and time consuming. So much so that some people even spend more on the repair than they did on their computer. However there are better and more cost efficient ways to increase the speed of your computer. My favorite is RegZooka Registry Cleaner.

  • Guaranteed Removal
  • Exclusive File Dependance Scan
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Fast Startup Time
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Optimized Price
  • Automatic Downloads

Reg Zooka

How It Works

Even though Windows comes with a disk defregmenting program it can't defragment your registry and most programs. RegZooka not only defragments the registry, it defragments every single file on your computer. It even allows you to choose which programs you don't want it to mess with. You can optimize your computers start up including the feature to stop certain programs from opening on start up. RegZooka offers a 100% guarantee that no files will be hurt or damaged. They even offer a backup service that normally costs $9 a month but you will be able to get it for free with your purchase.

By cleaning free space on your computer it will not only start up faster but it will also run faster in general. RegZooka can solve many errors including runtime errors, DLL erors, and Internet Browser errors. You can choose to ignore any file you don't wish to clean so that you know they will stay unharmed. With real time backups it can revert any changes you made. If a program seems to not be working to it's full potential you can even download updates and restore it to its original state.

Customer Service

With a 24/7 money back guarantee service RegZooka is incredibly confident with their product. They are so confident that it works in fact that with your permission they will remotely log into your computer and personally show you how the product works. When you install a program and input your key they install a whole folder of working keys. All you need to do is run RegZooka and it will get rid of all the keys that aren't yours so your program will run to perfection. For the first 60 days you can refund the product even if it doesn't fit your expectations.

You have the options to use their product suite where you can select exactly what you want and reduce your price by $29.90. Not only is RegZooka confident with their product, I personally challenge you to find a place like Best Buy that will offer the same quality of product for cheaper. They even offer an anti-spyware software for only an extra $10 decreasing the price by over 50%.

Awesome Features

With cyber backup all your data is stored on RegZooka's private servers. So if something is accidentally deleted it can be instantly recovered. This feature comes free when you purchase RegZooka while normally being $10 a month. No program is perfect and no program will always delete the correct amount of information, so why not have a backup ready for you when something unforeseen happens?

If you have a problem with RegZooka they will have a technical support operative personally connect to your computer and will manually update your product for free. If you don't want them to remotely connect they will give you step by step instructions on exactly what you're supposed to do.

Final Thoughts

After extensive testing and approving the best registry cleaner software I found was RegZooka. With their excellent product and immaculate customer support I have rated the #1 for my blog. Not only do they offer the service of registry cleaning but they also offer data back up for free but they also offer SpyZooka spyware software for only $10 a month.

If you feel you computer is still slower than it was originally then they offer a full 60 day money back guarantee. This guarantee works even if you weren't satisfied with the product. They are so confident you will like it they they offer a warranty for longer than you will need it. This reason and the ones listed above are exactly why I have chosen RegZooka as my top registry cleaner software.